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Let's work together for progress...

An African proverb says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We believe an amazing journey into creating a better ecosystem for African creatives starts with forging partnerships with brands and organizations passionate about the future.

We are constantly looking out for leading global and local partners who share our mission of developing the African creative industry, investing, and distributing wealth and resources across the continent.

By partnering with Africacomicade, you would be creating more opportunities for  African creatives in the ever-growing creative industry. You would be connected with these creatives, thereby expanding your reach and your brand would gain due recognition, as part of the driving force of Africa’s creative industry.


The African creative industry is young and growing but saddled with many hurdles already. to better understand and support the industry , We adopt a strategy promote


Data is very scarce in the African creative industry. Getting information for strategic design making is therefore very difficult, perhaps, because until now, there wasn’t a demand for it. 
We are working on collaborating with stakeholders to collate and present data in forms that can provide insights .


Africa is blessed with lots of creative talent within its large youthful population, but there is a huge knowledge and skills gap in her creative Industry.
A majority of creatives learn via MOOCs and don’t have access to infrastructure and mentorship that can help grow their skillsets. We are working to bridge this gap via programs like our fellowship, learning community, and more.

Structured Events & Programs

Isolated Indie development has been the order of the industry. This has limited the possibilities for collaboration and a proper exchange of opportunities and resources. Via events like the Gamathon and E-Africa challenge, we are connecting stakeholders across the continent and world  together , to create more opportunities for discover and exchange of skills and oportunities.
We also have a growing community that engages the African creative space and showcase their works to the world!


The global creative industry, in general, is looking for more ways to develop and generate more revenue, so if Africa’s industry would grow, it must have active players with an entrepreneurial mindset who can create more opportunities and jobs within the continent.
We are looking for ways to drive in more investments for creatives and empower African creatives with entrepreneurial skillsets so that can creatively diversify their revenue streams and run a sustainable enterprise.

partnership opportunities

There are many ways to support a dream! We would love that you peruse our ongoing projects and prospect how you can come on board to support us within your capacity in Knowledge, network, Finance, Media, Hardware, and more...

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Africa has huge potential as a creative market, especially with its growing population and rich diverse culture, but is still hampered by deep gaps in skills, collaboration and resources, thus pushing the economy to be more of a consumer than a producer.

The Africacomicade fellowship is a 7-month entrepreneurship program with a focus on empowering creatives with skills in Business, Tech, and communication, through a mixture of both online and offline activities, so that they can initiate creative projects as well as maintain sustainable businesses.

The fellows would be a diverse cohort of male and female creatives from different nations across  Africa, to create a room for cultural exchange and collaboration. Selected applicants (Fellows)  would be exposed to on-the-job experience, mentorship, Private network sessions, and expert training sessions. 

The world is facing unprecedented challenges – Climate changes, resource shortages, water scarcity, and more. With these sustainability pressures on the world’s resources, the need for new thinking and creative approaches is clearer than ever.

The E-Africa challenge is an annual one – week conference for African Digital Creatives, aimed at raising awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as providing training and support to African creatives who would go further to become ambassadors of the SDGs, as well as launch projects and startups that promote their realization.
Its main aim is to engage African digital creatives, so we can explore creative ways to problem solving

This is the largest pan-African creative event. The Africacomicade Gamathon is a  two -week event involving a conference, hackathon, competitions, amongst other things, for African creatives and enthusiasts in the Digital creative media industry, providing a platform for these people to connect and collaborate with one another in the development of bigger creative industry in Africa, as well as connect them to opportunities.

Last year, we launched its maiden edition which attracted over 200 participants from across 12 African countries. This year, we are stepping up our game. Are you stepping yours up too?
Let’s work together for the development of the African creative industry.

Being a young and growing industry, there are lots of opportunities for investments from providing standard publishing deals to creating infrastructure and facilitating services.

The African creative industry is a promising market , open to investors looking to make long and short term investments that can help develop and manage services that provide access to training, funding, wider audience and more.
Africacomicade is determined to support business entry and facilitate partnerships across stakeholders we are in connect with. Now is the time!
Don’t sit on the fence!

We can’t do all by ourselves and don’t want to either. So what plans do you have for the industry? What innovative idea, solution or approach are your working on that would bring more opportunities for its growing market?

We are looking out for innovative projects to collaborate on. If you’re working on something valuable and believe there can be an exchange of value on both sides, kindly reach out!


We are backed and supported by leading brands in the industry. You can be a part of us too.

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