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Welcome to the Spark Fellowship

Kickstart your Career in the Immersive & Interactive Media Industry

Acquire the required skills, knowledge, and network needed to launch, switch, or boost your career in the Video games, XR, Digital art, and animation industry.

Learn the Industry standard tools

Embark on a unique journey

Following a blended learning approach, get hands-on experience through practical coursework, real-world briefs, and personalized feedback from professionals — all geared toward getting a standard job in the industry.

State of Art Curriculum

curated and compiled to help groom exceptional social and technical skills.

Experential Learning

through hands-on practicals, that simulate real-life work experience.

Mentorship & Community

through jams, hackathons, sprints, lectures , internships and more.

Industry Certification

from recognized bodies and asociations to increase career prospects.

Why the Spark Fellowship?

The Creative Economy is a major employer of labor and a key contributor to the socio-economic development of nations. In an increasingly digital world, there is a growing demand for skilled digital creators globally. With an energetic and creative youthful population, the world needs us!

We are building the creative workforce for the future, and it will take a village ( community ) to raise these giants, thus, the SPARK fellowship

“ 70% of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa comprises 18-year-olds and younger. In the next 20 years, the majority of video game consumers and creators will be today’s youth population.”

Pierre Hintz

Studio Head, 343 Industries


Our Programs

We offer a diverse range of courses designed to empower learners with varying interests and skill levels . Choose from three primary technical pathways or two non-technical tracks. Where does your passion align with your career aspirations?

Video Game Development

Learn game design and development. Build games for multiple platforms. Become fluent in gameplay programming. 

Extended Reality Development

Build virtual immersive and interactive experiences. Learn how to design and code AR,  VR, and MR applications.

Digital Art
& Animation

Bring life to diigtal imagery and graphics. Create animations for ads, film and all forms of storytelling.

Non-Technical courses

The Video Games , animation and XR industry is not all about coding. Not everyone is required to code.  

Be a part of the future by leading the Business and Operational side of things.
Choose from the two pathways available whichever pathway best suits you. 
Note : Only 10 people per course will be accepted!

Product & Community Management

Start your journey on the path to becoming a Producer and People Manager  in the sector.

Digital Marketing, Media, and Journalism

Help drive the consumer-business side of the creative industry and shape the way stories are told.

Be a part of the Future!

We are building the global workforce for the digital creative industry of tomorrow.
As a fellow, You would become a member of our global community and be at the forefront of the industry.

” In 2021, I joined the Spark Fellowship, a transformative experience that expanded my artistic horizons. The program, balancing theory and practical application, featured mentors who went beyond teaching. Subsequently, Africacomicade facilitated a six-month internship with Anvaya Feats, offering a remarkable opportunity to apply my skills in impactful, real-world projects.

This blend of creativity and purpose significantly shaped my perspective as an animator. The Spark Fellowship, more than an educational endeavor, became a journey of self-discovery and professional growth. “


The Fellowship Team

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Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

Ready to be amongst the Top 1% ?

Are you ready to take on the challenge of upskilling and becoming more?  Explore our FAQ for any inquiries you might have. If you don’t find your answer, reach out to Fellowship@africacomicade.org

The Fellowship will run in two cohorts, the first starting fully in January  (The self-learning path starts December 2023 ) and the second in March 2024.

All fellows must have the expected resources, be willing to dedicate the required hours, and be available to resume a job right after the fellowship.

The cost of training is relatively free, thanks to the Unity Workforce Grant. However, Participants will have to pay a refundable commitment fee of $20. The fee will be refunded during the capstone phase.

Based on the chosen path of study, fellows will be introduced to a couple of industry-standard tools. Kindly confirm your technical setup meets the  stated hardware requirements in the form.

Africacomicade is responsible for paying the certification fee of qualified fellows. An in-house validation process will be conducted to ascertain which of the fellows will partake in the examination exercise. 

The core purpose of the program is to empower fellows with digital creative skills and expose them to industry experience through internships and jobs. Africacomciade will prioritize connecting exceptional talent to global job opportunities.

Go through the application form to identify required hardware resources and work towards acquiring them. At the moment, We cannot provide laptops or other devices to our fellows. You can work towards joining the second cohort in March.


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