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Cre8teens is a global community of teens learning 21st century digital skills to become the creators and leaders of tomorrow .

What We Do


There’s a creative spark in every child and our mission is to engage, inspire and create tech leaders of tomorrow from a young age. We guide them in bringing their talents to the fore through an exploration of creative digital skills.

Career Counselling

We provide counselling and guidance to help chart out a path to follow for a successful career in the creative industry.

Bootcamps & Jams

We organize bootcamps and competitions to engage teens with the latest relevant digital tech skills available.

Events & Community

We create avenues to showcase their skills , connect with industry leaders and collaborate with their peers in building products.

Our Courses


We offer fun intuitive courses that engage and guide teens in building fully functional interactive digital experiences in the form of apps, games, cartoons, and more.

Game Design

Kids would engage in one of the most creative processes in the world, involving art, coding, psychology, and more. They would learn the Art of game making and build games.

XR Development

There are endless possibilities in the virtual world, and our teens would learn to create Virtual and Augmented experiences beyond the physical.

Apps Development

Apps are currently the main channel for interaction with digital services. Teens would be introduced to coding and the App development process and tasked to build out ideas of their own.

Art & Animation

More and more experiences rely on digital art to immerse users and communicate information. Our teens would be exploring several tools and engines to create digital artworks in graphics, models, music, and more.

Expected Outcomes


In this rapidly evolving world, it’s more important than ever to empower our
youngsters with relevant skills and experience to lead a sustainable future.
Participants of our programs are exposed to a variety of skillsets.

We focus on two main programming languages, Javascript and C#. What better time than now to start teaching your kids how to code?

Art and Design are a major element of everything we do, in production, coding and even processes. Our teens would learn how to use industry standard tools in creating several forms of art.

In today’s world, there are no shortage of problems. It is critical to know how to approach problem-solving in a logical manner. Our teens would be introduced to several methodologies for problem solving and design thinking.

People need more than technical skills to succeed in life. Our teens would be introduced to soft skills and entrepreneurial training modules to better prepare them for the future.

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Starting from July 31st - Aug 11th for kids aged 10 -17 from Across Africa.

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Our Mission

To empower teens globaly with relevant 21st century digital creative skills.

Our Vision

A vibrant ecosystem of creators and entrepreneurs creating wealth and opportunities.

Our Values


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