Africa has huge potential as a creative market , especially with its growing population ( A youth population growing by nearly 50%  ) and rich diverse culture, but  it is still hampered by deep gaps in skills, collaboration and resources,thus pushing the economy to be more of a consumer than producer.

Today, the recent Pandemic has amplified the exposure and adoption rate of technology and more people have begun consuming digital content in education, information and entertainment . In relation to Gaming, Forbes magazine classifies the developments in the industry as a  “meteoric rise”  and now,  The gaming market is said to be bigger than the movie and music industry in the nearest future.  Source

With the aim of promoting the development of the African creative industry,  collaboration and exposure of African creatives to opportunities, the idea of the fellowship was born. Africacomicade fellowship is a 7-month intensive pre-accelerator  program with focus in empowering creatives with Business, Tech and communication skills, through a mixture of both online and offline activities , with the sole aim of initiating creative projects as well as sustainable businesses.

Fellows would gain access to top notch skills training  in Business, tech and Communication, get engaged with on-the-job experiences and opportunities and get initiate business ventures and creative projects

Expected Outcomes


Fellows shall partake in Certification exams. Also, when Fellows complete the training program and submit their portfolio projects, they will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Portfolio Project

Through out the training program, fellows would be exposed to guided hands-on projects which would help build their portfolio. They would also engage in building a project for the market.


Through Upskilling in Tech, business and communications skills to build your entrepreneurial prowess and networking across you industry, you would stand out with an edge for success.

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